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Latest News Update

Fire EMT provides a professional fire safety planning and training service to all commercial customers.

As part of our ever expanding services we have developed a new online learning management program designed to enable busy clients ensure staff remain knowledgeable and compliant in emergency training.

Subjects covered are

  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation
  • Lithium battery fire safety
  • Emergency evacuation Healthcare
  • Manual Handling Healthcare
  • Healthcare Warden module
  • Warden module

Please contact our staff for more information or to receive a demonstration module.


Another new service is First Aid provided by our Co Provider Yvonne Anderson, Provider No 6302

We have 4 courses available and include:

  • Provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
    (Course: HLTAID001)
  • Provide First Aid
    (Course; HLTAID003, including HLTAID001 and HLTAID002)
  • Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting
    (Course: HLTAID004, including HLTAID001, HLTAID002, HLTAID003)
  • Provide Rescue from a Live LV Panel
    (Course: UETDRRF06B)

Click here to view details of First Aid courses available.


A person conducting a business or undertaking has the primary duty under the WHS Act to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not exposed to health and safety risks arising from the business or undertaking. The WHS Regulations place specific obligations on a person conducting a business or undertaking in relation to first aid, including requirements to:

  • provide first aid equipment and ensure each worker at the workplace has access to the equipment
  • ensure that an adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid at the workplace or that workers have access to an adequate number of other people who have been trained to administer first aid.

A person conducting a business or undertaking may not need to provide first aid equipment or facilities if these are already provided by another duty holder at the workplace and they are adequate and easily accessible at the times that the workers carry out work. Officers, such as company directors, have a duty to exercise due diligence to ensure that the business or undertaking complies with the WHS Act and Regulations. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure that the business or undertaking has and uses appropriate resources and processes to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety.

WHS Regulation section 42: When considering how to provide first aid, a person conducting a business or undertaking must consider all relevant matters including:

  • The nature of the work being carried out at the workplace.
  • The nature of the hazards at the workplace
  • The size, location and nature of the workplace
  • The number and composition of the workers at the workplace.

Click on the link below for more information on First Aid requirements in the workplace



We have relocated

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety, and Building Fire Safety Regulations require regular training for all employees in the use of workplace portable fire fighting equipment and building emergency evacuation procedures. At Fire EMT, we stock a range of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and emergency signage to solve your fire safety needs.

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Fire EMT is a Queensland based company, owned and operated by trained Fire Service Officers.  We specialise in Building Emergency Management and enable building owners and occupiers to meet all mandatory requirements in relation to regulation practices and procedures.Many businesses only act to enforce real Fire Safety once an incident has occurred. “I just didn’t think it would happen to us” is a common reaction. Don’t let this happen to your business!